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Our vision


How it all started 




 Our skin is our largest organ and its one of our biggest beauty concerns. I have found it incredibly difficult to find the perfect products for my skin.  As a teenager, I have struggled with acne and eventually went through a course of Isotretinoin. For those that don’t know Isotretinoin, also known as ‘Roaccutane’, is an intense acne treatment where you take medication to shrink the oil glands with possible severe side effects including depression. I finished the treatment with sensitive skin.


My skin has been different since and it has been hard finding products to match. I started in 2015 when I made a coffee scrub. Yes I know, a coffee scrub how predictable. This was a mocha scrub. Now, I do not sell the mocha scrub, but it's what got my passion started. It was natural, it was raw and it actually did a really good job. 


My friends and family loved it. This created a dominos effect as I looked into ways to sell the scrub and make even more products. I then faced the challenge of making the products commercially viable. That's when I started researching Australian skin care manufacturers. 


I spent over a year developing products. I wanted to find the perfect combination that did not dry out your skin but maintained and improved the skins health. 


I finally decided on the Cosmeceutical range in January 2018. My friends and family could not get enough and after using the product for 5 months it was the natural choice to be the hero range for Lord Lady Skin. 


This then inspired the current range of face masks that are now available. The detox face mask is my favourite! Our core values and design principles are currently guiding me to develop future products aimed at improving the skins health. 



Our pledge to customers 


As mentioned above our skin is our biggest organ and one of our biggest beauty concerns.


I understand that having skin issues can lead to self-confidence issues.


"Lord Lady Skin will be taking a pro-active approach to not participate in marketing that pushes an ideal body image and will instead focus on our design principals and mission to improve the skins health" 


If you get stuck choosing products or if you want to know more about our products, do not hesitate to reach out to us, simply fill out the form on our contact page.


 Business statements


Vision Statement:  To have society see more then just skin.  
Mission statement: Improve your skins health through botanical products.