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Why You Have Been Doing Face Masks all Wrong!


Do you tone with your face mask? To get the ultimate results with your face mask we recommend toning before and after the mask. 


First things first, make sure you are using a high quality toner that does not dry out your skin. 

You should always cleanse before applying a face mask and ladies, cleanse again if you have been wearing make up. 


When you apply the toner it will help balance the PH of the skin and get rid of any extra impurities and oils. This allows the skin to be ready to absorb all the benefits of the face mask. 


Now applying after the face mask is just as important. Again, it helps the skin balance the PH. If you have a good toner it should boost the skins hydration levels and after a face mask this is very important. This takes us back to the whole point of moisturising after a face mask. We want to keep the skin Hydrated. 


We recommend using a face mask once to twice a week.  
1. Cleanse
2. Tone 
3. Face Mask
5. Moisturise with a cream or serum. 



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