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Is a Face Mask Enough to Save You from SUNDAY SCARIES?”


You probably look a little shiny? Maybe…. a bit dry? Or maybe you just look really... really tired!  You go for your favourite face mask in the hope that it will bring you back to life.  This is SUNDAY SCARIES! 


You are probably sitting at home on the couch recovering from Saturday night, binge watching your favourite tv show or maybe you’re meal prepping for the week while crying? However you decide to spend your Sunday evening we all have one thing in common, we all don’t want to go to work Monday and we have this horrible feeling of emptiness. Yes, this is the SUNDAY SCARIES and you are experiencing this right now!!!


Okay, what is SUNDAY SCARIES exactly? 


SUNDAY SCARIES is the anxiety you feel on a Sunday night when you realise you wasted your whole weekend, embarrassed yourself Saturday night and never got anything on your to do list done. To top it off you have to go to work tomorrow… sorry.


Is a face mask enough to pick me up for Monday?  


A face mask is a great place to start to freshen up your appearance so your co-workers think you spent the weekend doing yoga, eating acai bowls and organising your linen cupboard but there are some extra things you can do. 


Prepare the night before.


Preparation is key to battle the next day.  Girls, boys and all the fabulous drag queens- this means remove your make up. Give your skin a fighting chance to breathe and be free.  Apply a deeply hydrating moisturiser that is boosted with hyaluronic acid and vitamin E. (We're working on a hangover's coming okay). A hydrating moisturiser is going to help keep the skin hydrated as a lot of moisturise in the skin will evaporate after drinking as your body works to fight toxins. Hyaluronic acid intensely hydrates the skin and vitamin E is perfect for preparing the skin and protecting - this protecting will aid with locking in moisture. 


Drink heaps of water.


Do I really need to go into how hydrating helps your skin? Alcohol is going to dehydrate you so we need to combat that. Just do it.  


Coffee? Caffeine? 


Grab a coffee full of caffeine, most of us do this anyway but alcohol dilates your blood vessels which results in puffiness and maybe a bit of redness - particularly around the eyes. Caffeine on the other hand constricts blood vessels helping to reduce redness and the puffiness caused from your night out. You can find an eye cream with caffeine in it if you suffer from the puffy dark eyes the next day.  Whole face attack? Try a hydrating toner with caffeine in it (*coughs in Spanish* we have one). 


Let's face the facts

Alcohol is never going to be good for our skin and while we work to combat the effects they will only ever help. Some experts say it takes a week after drinking for the skin to repair hydration levels and up to a month to get that healthy glow back. Let's be real, we love a drink and Australia day weekend is approaching. Keep in my mind these tips and try to avoid the high sugar drinks. 


While a face masks probably can not help you with the dark emptiness you feel on this lovely Sunday evening at least you can try and look a little bit more fabulous. 


How do you combat the SUNDAY SCARIES or do you have any cool tips to freshen up your appearance? We would love to know, leave a comment below. 



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